Dining Services

Group of students sitting outside having lunch

The talented chefs from SAGE Dining Services® have turned lunchtime at Whitfield School into a daily culinary adventure. SAGE's seasonal menus are custom designed for us, reflecting the students' preferences as well as the fresh products available in our local market. SAGE's registered dietitians review and approve each menu to ensure that it offers a wide variety of nutritious choices. Our students are treated to food cooked from scratch.


Tuition includes the cost of lunch.  Additionally, the dining room offers healthy snacks like fruit at no extra charge to families.

Lunch Logistics
Lunch is served from 11:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m., with younger students usually eating first.  Lunch breaks are approximately 30 minutes long. Generally, an entire grade has lunch at the same time so students have a chance to socialize with their friends. There are no seating assignments in the dining room and students are welcome to have lunch on the adjacent patio.
Dietary Restrictions
Our top-notch kitchen staff knows our students, their preferences and can accommodate any dietary restrictions.  Please let us know your child's needs.  We have been able to accommodate most dietary restrictions in a discreet manner to make all students feel comfortable and confident.
Kosher Meals
Should your child be interested in Kosher lunches, please contact Whitfield's Kitchen at 314-434-5141 to discuss menu options and the days you'd like these lunches.  There is no additional charge for this service.  As we approach Passover, we will let families know how to order Kosher-for-Passover meals.