Middle School Warrior of the Week

A group of Middle School students with their arms around each other

Middle school faculty develop future campus and community leaders by focusing on academic excellence and character education. Middle school faculty genuinely want to be meaningful, supportive educators in the lives of our students. One way we celebrate goodness, grit and growth in our youngest students is by awarding the Middle School Warrior of the Week.

The Middle School Warrior of the Week for December 13, 2019 is Kaeden Anderson ’24. Kaeden is a friendly and kind middle school student. As an eighth grader, he shows a genuine curiosity for learning new things and an overall love of learning. Kaeden regularly asks great questions and looks for new ways to build knowledge. He shows leadership in class by pushing others to do their best and leading by example. Teachers appreciates Kaeden’s maturity who shows patience, kindness, and self-control by not responding to distractions, especially in math. He is new to Whitfield this year but seems right at home and truly embodies what it means to be a warrior.

The Middle School Warrior of the Week for November 22, 2019 is Dawn Foster ’25. Dawn personifies the word “joy” by finding fun in everything. No matter how difficult the situation, Dawn meets every challenge with a determined, positive attitude, enormous creativity, and always with a smile. Having transitioned into Course 3 math this year with tenacity, she always goes above and beyond expectations in her work and is not afraid of the "tough" problems. She loves to read and to analyze characters and stories. During a recent culture clash simulation in history, Dawn behaved with incredible maturity, using teamwork and self-control during a stressful and confusing situation. Her reflection on the activity stated that although she found herself getting angry and stressed, she was able to remain calm by being mindful and aware of her emotions. Dawn truly cares about her peers and checks in with them, using kindness and empathy. She has a sense of creativity and style that is uniquely her own, loves drawing, and face painting as well as her cowboy boots. She can sometimes be found reading a book under a table in Ms. Schnitzler’s classroom.

The Middle School Warrior of the Week for November 14, 2019 is Oliver Niemann '24. Oliver is a quirky, whimsical, and intelligent student who brings so much enthusiasm to the classroom. He is a studious and constant contributor who is very thoughtful in his approach to new concepts. Oliver demonstrates love of learning by seeking not just to learn the information, but truly understand it. He always makes his peers and teachers laugh, but is never distracting from the lesson. He does a great job balancing learning and laughter. He works well with others, and has one heck of a pencil collection, which benefits the entire 8th grade!

The Middle School Warrior of the Week for November 7, 2019 is Ezekiel McMullen ’26. Ezekiel is a shining example of what it means to be a team player. Daily, you can find him building up his classmates—celebrating their successes, actively listening as they share their experiences and ideas, and reflecting thoughtfully with compassion when they talk about struggles. The thought and care Ezekiel invests in his classmates and friends makes him someone people love to be around and trust. As a student, he seems to genuinely enjoy the challenge of learning and practicing new skills. While he is eager to show what he knows, he does so with a humble pride that inspires others.

The Middle School Warrior of the Week for November 1, 2019 is Eldridge Rhone ’25. Eldridge has impressed the seventh grade teachers in the last few months with his perseverance, curiosity, and love of learning. In class, Eldridge is focused and asks great questions that show how deeply he is thinking. He has embraced the idea of scholarship this year and works hard to be organized and to do his best work. Eldridge accepts feedback and learns from mistakes in order to improve. He chooses to do the right thing and takes responsibility for his actions, truly living the Habits of Ethical Conduct and Citizenship. In addition to doing very well on a recent math test, Eldridge is also working hard in after-school rehearsals for the fall middle school play.