Middle School Warrior of the Week

A group of Middle School students with their arms around each other

Middle school faculty develop future campus and community leaders by focusing on academic excellence and character education. Middle school faculty genuinely want to be meaningful, supportive educators in the lives of our students. One way we celebrate goodness, grit and growth in our youngest students is by awarding the Middle School Warrior of the Week.

The Middle School Warrior of the Week for January 22, 2021 is Misha Levin '26. Misha has impressed the seventh grade teachers in the last few months with his perseverance, curiosity, and love of learning. In class (whether he is in person or is virtual), Misha is always focused and asks great questions that show how deeply he is thinking. He has embraced the idea of scholarship and works hard to be organized and to do his best work possible. He asks for feedback and learns from mistakes in order to improve and overcome challenges. Misha chooses to do the right thing and takes responsibility for his actions, truly living the Habits of ethical conduct and citizenship. 

The Middle School Warrior of the Week for December 18, 2020 is Sophie Baum '27. Sophie is a true Warrior--perseverant, kind, reflective, creative, and impeccably organized.  She has a strong intellect and always sets goals to improve. Sophie does not let difficulties stop her from walking toward success. When working with classmates, she is inclusive and a good listener. Sophie contributes regularly in class discussions without dominating the conversation.  Bringing a sense of fun and enthusiasm to all she does, Sophie is a pleasure to have as a part of our community.

The Middle School Warrior of the Week for December 4, 2020 is Ellen Hunigan '26. Ellen never seeks attention for anything she does. She quietly does the right thing and is always kind and thoughtful even when faced with difficult situations. Ellen is an incredibly self-motivated and mature scholar, and the thoughtfulness, time and care she puts into her work is always obvious. It doesn’t matter if she is physically in the classroom or if she is attending virtually, she is super organized and works hard to do her best. During large or small group discussions on Zoom or in the classroom, Ellen is a leader and is never afraid to ask questions or to say what she believes, often encouraging everyone to think a little more deeply because of her contributions.

The Middle School Warrior of the Week for November 20, 2020 is Caleb Carter '25. Caleb is a phenomenal student. During class discussion, he is an active participant who asks smart questions and gives insightful answers. In advisory, Caleb is frequently the first to share his ideas in conversation. In English class, he pushes himself to tackle challenging personal reading. Caleb uses his strength of social intelligence to connect with everyone of his peers. He brings a mature demeanor to class, but is still a goofball who can make students and teachers laugh.

The Middle School Warrior of the Week for November 6, 2020 is Gabi Gutierrez '27. Gabi is kind, humble, positive and authentic. She works great in partnerships and is always very encouraging with her classmates. When faced with an academic challenge, Gabi does a great job persevering and being resourceful when problem-solving.  Her teachers say she is a good listener and always ready to get to work.  In English, Gabi was especially enthusiastic about her dramatic reading of the Monkey’s Paw.  During Advisory her behavior exemplifies the Habits of Mind and Heart particularly cultural competence, ethical conduct and citizenship.