Middle School Warrior of the Week

A group of Middle School students with their arms around each other

Middle school faculty develop future campus and community leaders by focusing on academic excellence and character education. Middle school faculty genuinely want to be meaningful, supportive educators in the lives of our students. One way we celebrate goodness, grit and growth in our youngest students is by awarding the Middle School Warrior of the Week.

The Middle School Warrior of the Week for May 15, 2020 is Chandler Grimm ’25. Chandler never seeks attention for anything she does. She quietly does the right thing and is always kind and thoughtful even when faced with difficult situations. If she does not agree with someone’s opinion, Chandler can still see that person’s goodness and is able to put differences aside. She is an incredibly self-motivated scholar and the thoughtfulness, care, and time she puts into her work is always obvious. If she does not achieve exactly what she sets out to do, it only encourages her to learn from the experience and to work harder. Chandler is an incredibly creative artist who shares the way she sees the world through her beautiful designs. She is also a fierce athlete who puts everything she has into competitive swimming. There is no doubt Chandler will make our world a better place in the future.

The Middle School Warrior of the Week for May 8, 2020 is Hayden Blix '26. Hayden has really risen to the challenge of eLearning using her strengths in scholarship and her love of learning. She consistently challenges herself and takes advantage of opportunities to connect and collaborate with teachers and classmates alike. Hayden's teachers are repeatedly impressed with her empathetic and mindful nature and appreciate her engagement in class discussions. Her tendency to consider topics from the perspective of others adds great depth to our learning.

The Middle School Warrior of the Week for April 24, 2020 is Derrick Palmer '25. Derrick has been a consistently conscientious student this year. A seventh grader, he has adapted to eLearning extremely well and has been organized and thoughtful in all of his work. He takes responsibility for himself and understands the importance of mindfulness and scholarship, always pushing himself to do his best work and encouraging his peers to do the same with his example. Derrick is upbeat and positive personality lightens the mood in every situation. His sense of fun, empathy and quiet leadership make Whitfield a better place. He often can be seen dancing to the songs in his head that are constantly playing (according to him).

The Middle School Warrior of the Week for April 17, 2020 is Karina Kloppenburg '26. Karina is a true team player who cares greatly for others. Her capacity for empathy and considering the perspectives of others truly makes our school a better place. Karina is also willing to take risks and uses great courage as she tries new things and works hard to master new concepts in the classroom. While all of this is already very impressive, Karina does all of this in her second language - all the while maintaining a positive attitude and love of learning that spreads throughout the sixth grade class. We are so lucky to have her as a leader in our middle school, and are proud to honor this week’s Warrior of the Week!

The Middle School Warrior of the Week for March 6, 2020 is Nathan Fox '24. Nathan is an all-around great guy who brings fun, a strong work ethic, and respect to the eighth grade. He is always quietly cracking jokes with his friends, but never in a way that distracts from the lesson at hand. Nathan understands that learning is a process that requires hard work and patience. When he doesn’t understand something, Nathan is proactive in seeking help and isn’t afraid to ask questions. During trimester two, Nathan's teachers noticed improved confidence in seminars and class discussions. Nathan is also one heck of an athlete - everyone feels lucky to have him on their team!