Middle School Warrior of the Week

A group of Middle School students with their arms around each other

Middle school faculty develop future campus and community leaders by focusing on academic excellence and character education. Middle school faculty genuinely want to be meaningful, supportive educators in the lives of our students. One way we celebrate goodness, grit and growth in our youngest students is by awarding the Middle School Warrior of the Week.

The Middle School Warrior of the Week for April 9, 2021 is Richard Heidenry '27. Richard is respected by his peers and is appreciated by all in our academic community. He works diligently in his courses and also helps peers when they need assistance with academic work. Richard's lighthearted nature permeates the sixth grade, which enables the Class of 2027 to function as a positive collective.

The Middle School Warrior of the Week for March 12, 2021 is Tate Rhodes '26. Tate is consistently hardworking and conscientious. A new student to Whitfield this year, Tate takes responsibility for himself and understands the importance of mindfulness and scholarship, always pushing himself to do his best work, no matter how challenging it may be. He doesn’t give up and always asks questions whenever he needs clarification. For example, in Spanish, Tate's work ethic and positive outlook make him a great language learner. He works harder than most students to understand the patterns of Spanish and to use new phrases in conversation. Tate's upbeat and fun personality lightens the mood in every situation, and his empathy and kindness is present in everything he does.

The Middle School Warrior of the Week for March 5, 2021 is Amali McBride '25. Amali can be described as a welcoming, positive student with a tenacious academic appetite. In the Middle School cohort hallways she can be seen fostering an attitude of warmth and friendship. In English class, Amali contributes to seminars and discussions by making timely comments and helping others to participate. Similarly in math class, while she could answer every question, she makes sure that others have their moments to shine. But don't take her kindness for weakness as she is highly competitive and happens to win all the word games at the end of English class!

The Middle School Warrior of the Week for February 19, 2021 is Kayla Scales ’26. When teachers were asked what qualities comes to mind when they think about Kayla, they immediately said: mature, positive, asks for feedback and takes it to heart, super hard worker, kind and empathetic, not afraid of taking risks, pays close attention to detail and always puts forth 100% for every assignment and project. Kayla makes our seventh grade community and our school a better place because of her strength of character. She is an example of how to strive for the best, both in scholarship and ethical conduct, no matter the circumstances. Having attended classes virtually this year, we are so happy to have her in-person for classes, which she started this week.

The Middle School Warrior of the Week for February 12, 2021 is Moss Capellupo '25. Moss is a positive and cheerful student. He brings enthusiasm to class projects and discussions. Moss is very helpful to his peers in the classroom and on the basketball court and his teachers say he truly has a “spirit of service”. Recently 8th graders have been learning about the growth mindset in advisory. Through his positive attitude and effort, Moss has reflected the growth mindset since day one. He’s not deterred by a challenge, and understands that hard work is part of the learning process.