Middle School Warrior of the Week

A group of Middle School students with their arms around each other

Middle school faculty develop future campus and community leaders by focusing on academic excellence and character education. Middle school faculty genuinely want to be meaningful, supportive educators in the lives of our students. One way we celebrate goodness, grit and growth in our youngest students is by awarding the Middle School Warrior of the Week.

The Middle School Warrior of the Week for May 21, 2021 is Finley Wilkins '26. Finley personifies all of the Habits of Mind & Heart--leadership, scholarship, mindfulness, ethical conduct, citizenship, and cultural competence. Finley is not only a quiet leader who leads by example, but often becomes a voice of reason among her peers in the seventh grade. She encourages them to be their best selves as citizens of our community. She reminds her peers to be mindful of their choices even when it’s uncomfortable to do so. Challenging herself as a scholar is extremely important to her, and her love of learning is evident. With the intelligent and thought-provoking questions Finley poses during discussions and in collaborative situations, she challenges students to think on a deeper level. Finley is truly curious about cultures different from her own and works to be more culturally aware. Her Infographic Project on Gabon for social studies was not only thoroughly researched, but was designed in a beautifully innovative manner that showed her true understanding of the app she designed. Her Altered Book Project in English is becoming a work of art. Finley is an amazing co-leader of GSA and helps middle schoolers feel welcomed at club meetings.

The Middle School Warrior of the Week is Kate Rose '25. Kate is an extremely cheerful and thoughtful member of the 8th grade class. She is a good friend and provides a spirited presence in the classes and hallways of Whitfield. Kate is supportive of all her peers, respectful of differences and easy to work with. Her love of learning is apparent on a daily basis, offering great questions that help foster a mindful spirit in each class. Although a consistent academic star, Kate does not seek the spotlight. Her contributions to the Whitfield community are valued by staff and students alike.

The Middle School Warrior of the Week for May 7, 2021 Is Avery Coons '27. Avery is a leader among his peers and works to help everyone feel included in the sixth grade. His level of self-awareness and willingness to be his own person has made our Middle School a better place. His teachers appreciate his attention to detail and willingness to challenge his peers in academic conversations. Avery has created fun activities that the sixth grade could enjoy during their workshop/study period at the end of Day 1.

The Middle School Warrior of the Week for April 30, 2021 is Winnie Murphy '26. From the very first day of school, Winnie made a huge impression on her classmates and teachers. Winnie was born to be a Warrior and always lives the motto of “Be Kind and Do the Right Thing.”  Whitfield is a better place because she is here. Winnie is a kind and genuine leader who helps others find the fun because of her own contagiously enthusiastic and joyful spirit, making everyone’s day a little brighter in the process. She always pays attention to her social intelligence and knows when to use humor to encourage others and make everyone feel more at ease. Winnie's sense of mindfulness, level of empathy, inclusivity and moral compass are extremely mature for her age. As a scholar, Winnie loves to learn for learning’s sake and pushes herself in all of her classes. She is an amazing asset to TSA this year and took on a leadership role among her team. She is a wonderful member of the Student Council, is supportive of the other members, always willing to volunteer, and not afraid to speak up and give her opinion or ideas. She used her passion for reading and a desire to make a difference in order to co-found the Middle School BookWorms Club. Winnie embodies all of Whitfield’s Habits of Mind and Heart.

The Middle School Warrior of the Week for April 9, 2021 is Richard Heidenry '27. Richard is respected by his peers and is appreciated by all in our academic community. He works diligently in his courses and also helps peers when they need assistance with academic work. Richard's lighthearted nature permeates the sixth grade, which enables the Class of 2027 to function as a positive collective.